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I’m the President of the United States

At the end of November (2013), I purchased Saints Row IV on Steam. I had been meaning to get it for a while but luckily it was on sale and got a great deal for it. I loved the previous game and that’s why I was really looking forward to play this one. If you know the Saints Row franchise, then you’re probably aware that those games shouldn’t be taken seriously.

Saints Row IV

The game starts out with you being the president of the United States. Fun, huh? Then… madness ensues, and who causes all this chaos? Aliens! The whole plot reminded me of the movie Mars Attack. Throughout the game, you gain superpowers which makes the whole experience a fun ride down the crazy and over-the-top train. Like the previous Saints Row games, SR4 includes a bunch of side missions that help you with the world completion, and provide you with more resources for upgrades. With this type of game, the more upgrades you have, the better. This game may not be for everyone, especially when some people say it is “too silly” or “too over the top”. I think that’s the game’s strength, it isn’t serious, it’s meant to be chaotic and crazy.

Talking about SR4’s downloadable content, I suggest you try Enter the Dominatrix, it’s a super fun DLC (this content was cut from Saints Row III). I also got the How the Saints Save Christmas DLC but have only played the first mission. Though, from the looks of it, it seems like another great addition to the game’s downloadable content.

I definitely recommend Saints Row IV. It’s addicting, fun, and totally crazy. Plus, you can never go wrong with superpowers.