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Dragging Me In, Kicking and Screaming

I don’t know what it is exactly about WoW that I like so much. When I quit months ago, I told myself that I wouldn’t be going back. Fast forward a couple of months and I find myself with a month-long subscription. Downloading, thinking that this is just going to be as boring as I remembered it, that it really hadn’t been that long since I had played. But it finished downloading, I logged in, and a rush of emotions came back. I was so excited to see my warrior again. Oh how I missed playing her, and I didn’t even realize how much I missed it! I signed in and ran around going “Eeeee! Wooo!!” and other such nonsense. I was on Skype with my friend Dennis (who bought me the month sub) at the time.. and he probably thought that I’d gone mad or something. Maybe I had a bit.

Though I missed all my characters, I found that I didn’t really know where to start with them again. It had been so long since I last played WoW. Did I remember the controls? Could I get as good DPS that I was getting when I was playing before? Maybe I should just start another character, play that for a bit and then jump back on my main. So, I made a hunter. Dennis and I started roaming about the Blood Elf starting area. To which I was finishing quests, at lightning speed (okay.. maybe not that fast..). I’ve made so many blood elves that I just know my way around. We hit level 10 and decided that it was time for battle grounds! Boy what a mistake that was. He’s so squishy (priest) I’m so just didn’t work out well. So we went to doing quests again until we hit level 15. Jumped in a couple of dungeons, ended up hitting level 21 where I realized my heart just wasn’t in leveling a hunter.

I decided I wanted to learn how to play a warrior again. Get this one to level 90, and play it only with Dennis, then play Bellona (my main) when he wasn’t online or awake. He went to get pizza, and by the time he got back I was already level 6, plowing my way through the starting area.

WoW Screenshot

It’s definitely taken some getting used to again. I’m trying my best to remember where I put all my spells, and getting them slowly over time is a pain, but getting there! He ended up having to sleep, and as we’re leveling together, I didn’t want to do too much without him. Even if he has to spend 10 levels just following me around so we can pew pew. I’m looking forward to getting into dungeons though.

I still don’t understand what’s really drawn me back to the game. Maybe it’s that I have someone to play with again (as that’s the biggest reason I stopped playing)..maybe I’m just really really bored and need something to fill my time. Maybe it’s both! Who knows. I just know that I’m enjoying playing again, and having someone to play with. I might even decide to actually tank with this warrior instead of just DPS!

Dragged Back In

If you need any proof that MMOs are all “gateway games” to each other, you need look no further than me. My MMO career addiction started way back in World of Warcraft’s hay-day and has steadily grown from there. Even though I did manage to escape the clutches of WoW, once again I’ve found myself back on the MMO Bandwagon.

Enter: DC Universe Online

This game was going to catch me right from the beginning. My friend Dave hadn’t even finished telling me about it the first time he brought it up and I knew that eventually I would be playing it. Because the DC Universe is my undisputed favorite1, it seemed like tons of fun, and I could have freaking Superman as my mentor. I was hooked before I even started.

The whole game is set in the DC Universe of super heroes and villains and you can travel back and forth between Metropolis and Gotham City while doing quests for the Justice League. Right off the bat I chose a super hero (since that’s what all my friends are playing) and set out to create the most crime fighting inappropriate outfit I could find at a low-level. Thus entered the outfit I will probably be wearing until the very end: The Crime Fighting Tutu of Justice.

DC Universe Online - Whitters Tutu

The best part about the game? It’s free to play. Of course there are a lot of restrictions on your account if you want to keep it free, such as a limit to the amount of money you are allowed to have on your character (the most annoying part). If you spend $5 in their marketplace, however, you are upgraded to a “Premium” account and some of the restrictions are lifted/modified. Then if you want to go into a full subscription, or “Legendary” then it’s your standard MMO fee of $14.99 a month. I haven’t upgraded yet, but I’m sure it won’t be long before I do.

For now I’m just cruising around, leveling up and hanging out with my League (DCUOs version of the guild). I’d like to think the cities of Metropolis are a *little* bit safer with me hanging around, but who are we kidding?

DC Universe Online - Whitters Tutu

  1. I even collect several of the comics

So… This Happened




It’s been several years since I played World of Warcraft, solidly. What I mean by solidly is that I’d have moments where I’d get bored and play for a few months before I got over it and found interest in [insert game here]. As a result I never quite made it to cap but I figured, hey I have the time now, why not?

I won’t make promises that I will make it. I tend to get bored in the higher levels with no one to play with– actually, if I’m honest, I get bored when I have no one to play with period. I used to try to play with my husband but he also has the tendency to get bored, much sooner than I, so he’d quit and any motivation I had would go with him.

I’ve already noticed some changes since I started playing which is taking some getting used to. I am also still using the default UI so if anyone has any good recommendations for add-ons, please feel free to shoot them my way.

I’ve also started over again and am currently leveling a hunter with plans to finish leveling my priest and eventually a monk.

It’s fairly ambitious given my track record but maybe I’ll surprise myself.