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Second Dungeon to the Right

.. and straight on till you notice the sun is out and you’re like, “@#^*!! I’m still playing?” Pretty much sums up my adventures in Neverwinter. I’ve had the pleasure of playing in several open beta weekends through to it’s official release. As someone who’s played my fair share of Dungeons & Dragons, you know – with books and dice and a Dungeon Master telling you there isn’t a trap when there really is – your roll just sucked, as well as previous Neverwinter games, I can tell you it’s unlikely you will be disappointed playing this new MMO.

I know there is a lot of stigma to the PerfectWorld games. Many don’t like them simply because they tend to be grinders, myself included for a little while. Every MMO has some measure of grind to it and thus Neverwinter is no different, but it is minimal. Because of the Foundry system, which facilitates player made content, there is no shortage of quests so you always have something different to do. And of course like every MMO there are guilds, big dungeons, and pvp arenas so you can mingle with others (or just kick their butts). And if you’re a loner like me, that’s okay too! You don’t have to be in a group to get things done, you can queue for daily events with other randoms and use the LFG search if you really need backup on a quest.


As for the nitty gritty, the controls are easy to use and configure. I’ve yet to have any real complaints about camera or movement and I’m pleased with the way the skills work and build. It’s based on 4.0 and stays, so far as I can tell, pretty true to the text. There are instances when you go up against something that’s overpowered but that’s nothing new. Most of the quests I’ve done – even in the Foundry – have worked pretty smoothly and been fun to go through. I’ve only ran into one bug the entire time I’ve been playing (which is pretty damn amazing).

Neverwinter is Free to Play, though like all PW games you can buy zen to buy in game items. It can be used in the marketplace as well as to buy things like special mounts, costumes, inks, etc. And unlike some it is in fact optional. You really don’t need it to do well in the game, it’s simply nice to use if you can.

So if you’ve got time for another game, I recommend giving it a go.

Dragged Back In

If you need any proof that MMOs are all “gateway games” to each other, you need look no further than me. My MMO career addiction started way back in World of Warcraft’s hay-day and has steadily grown from there. Even though I did manage to escape the clutches of WoW, once again I’ve found myself back on the MMO Bandwagon.

Enter: DC Universe Online

This game was going to catch me right from the beginning. My friend Dave hadn’t even finished telling me about it the first time he brought it up and I knew that eventually I would be playing it. Because the DC Universe is my undisputed favorite1, it seemed like tons of fun, and I could have freaking Superman as my mentor. I was hooked before I even started.

The whole game is set in the DC Universe of super heroes and villains and you can travel back and forth between Metropolis and Gotham City while doing quests for the Justice League. Right off the bat I chose a super hero (since that’s what all my friends are playing) and set out to create the most crime fighting inappropriate outfit I could find at a low-level. Thus entered the outfit I will probably be wearing until the very end: The Crime Fighting Tutu of Justice.

DC Universe Online - Whitters Tutu

The best part about the game? It’s free to play. Of course there are a lot of restrictions on your account if you want to keep it free, such as a limit to the amount of money you are allowed to have on your character (the most annoying part). If you spend $5 in their marketplace, however, you are upgraded to a “Premium” account and some of the restrictions are lifted/modified. Then if you want to go into a full subscription, or “Legendary” then it’s your standard MMO fee of $14.99 a month. I haven’t upgraded yet, but I’m sure it won’t be long before I do.

For now I’m just cruising around, leveling up and hanging out with my League (DCUOs version of the guild). I’d like to think the cities of Metropolis are a *little* bit safer with me hanging around, but who are we kidding?

DC Universe Online - Whitters Tutu

  1. I even collect several of the comics

TERA: Rising Launches February 5, 2013

Image Credit: TERA

En Masse has announced that TERA will go free-to-play on Tuesday, February 5, 2013. There will be a 7 hour maintenance period on February 4, 2013 from 12:01am-7:00am PST after which the servers will open and players both veteran and new can join the fun.

En Masse is offering 5 severs to choose from:

  • Mount Tyrannas (PvP)
  • Lake of Teras (PvP)— new
  • Tempest Reach (PvE)
  • Ascension Valley (PvE)—new
  • Celestial Hills (PvE roleplay)

Two of the servers, Lake of Tears and Ascension Valley house their own matching system for dungeons and battlegrounds and characters transfer will be free for a limited of time on the following servers:

  • Mount Tyrannas
  • Tempest Reach
  • Celestial Hills

Players will have the option to transfer their characters once every 30 Days.

In addition, to handle the influx of new gamers, En Masse has put in some chat channel restrictions which limits area chat to those Level 5 and up, trade and LFG chat to those level 12 and up, and global chat will be limited to players who are level 20 and up.

Lastly, as a bonus to those who purchased the game1, En Masse is giving TERA’s founders a free ticket, meaning: priority queueing. While I certainly enjoy this little fringe benefit, it doesn’t counteract the fact that I have friends who will be stuck in queue while I am in game, so really when it boils down to it, it’s a catch 22. Despite all that, I am quite anxious for TERA to go free-to-play and I cannot wait to rope as many people as I can into playing with me2.

Are you ready for TERA: Rising? Have you decided on a race and class? If so, what did you decide to go with?

For those who are veterans to the game, do you intend on re-rolling or sticking to your original character(s)?


  1. That means me!
  2. That’s right, Whitters, get ready to rumble!