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Sincerest Apologies, Mostly

I want to apologize for the lack of updates this month. I recently left my job which was then followed by an extended weekend to San Diego to celebrate my birthday and my new found freedom so as you can imagine, updating wasn’t the first thing on my mind.

I will say that now that I have a bit more time on my hands, I have some nifty features planned that I hope everyone will enjoy!

Lastly, we are open for guest posts and would love to see some submissions but in the meantime please bear with us as I get adjusted to not working which involves figuring out a routine which incorporates real life, gaming, and maintaining the website. Until then, please be patience while I work with the girls to figure out some sort of posting schedule.

Welcome to Geek Inside Us!

Welcome to Geek Inside Us, a blog run by three females with very diverse interest in the geekverse. Our aim is to not only share our interests with others but also to learn from each other as well. Let’s face it as geeks most of us have our niches. There are some things we will check out and other things we’ll avoid like the plague simply because “it’s not our thing”. This blog serves as a place to get some insight on topics we just may have no interest in for one reason or another. It will allow each of us to immerse ourselves in fields and interests without actually immersing ourselves.

Ultimately, we hope this blog will serve as a community and a haven for those who are also interested in games, electronics, coding, etc who may not necessarily know or have others who they can relate or talk to. We will also be open to guests post for those who may be interested in sharing their love of geekery and we are most certainly open to reviewing games, items, books, and more.

So once again we welcome you to GIU, where we are exposing our inner geek, one blog post at a time!