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So Long, Farewell, to You My Friend

I’ll be the first to admit that I was not a big fan of Matt Smith when he was first introduced as the 11th Doctor. A large part of that however, was due to the fact that I was still mourning the loss of David Tennant. Despite the fact that Eccleston was the first Doctor I watched, the 10th Doctor will always be my first Doctor, simply because he was the one I was able to connect with.

Christmas Day marked the end of the 11th Doctor. A bit bittersweet but not as traumatizing as I expected. While, yes I was sad that I had to say goodbye, I think Moffat did a wonderful job giving us some closure which I didn’t feel I had with number 10. Time of the Doctor
Image credit: BBC
Still, I will say that for me, there was a considerable change in Matt’s acting and I wonder if it was due to the loss of Karen and Arthur, as it seemed he was never truly able to establish a connection with Jenna. It was like the light inside him had died and I wonder if his decision to move on was because he recognized it.

Doctor Who returns in September with the face of number 12 or is it 13? Who knows?! You decide! And I’m both excited and anxious. I know that a lot of people were annoyed at the fans who were upset that the new Doctor was quite a bit older but for me it really boils down to the acting. I’m not sure yet how I feel about the decision to cast Peter Capadali, but then I felt the same way about Matt.

Still, Matt eventually clicked for me. Sure, it took a full season but he finally stepped into the role and I believed he was the Doctor. I’m hoping Peter will be able to do the same and people will get over the age and recognize talent when they see it. September is a long ways off and while I’m sad I have to wait 9 months to watch one of my favorite TV shows, my favorite detective1 returns to the screens in less than a month… and really, who wouldn’t be excited for that?

  1. Mr. Sherlock Holmes, of course!