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About Ang

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Ang is mid-twenty year old female, hailing from AZ, married to another geek with 2 dogs and 5 cats. Her first recollection of video games begins with a Commodore 64 and spans on to a friend’s Atari, Nintendo, Sega, and then finally Playstation. As a child and teenager she always preferred console based games because that is what she was raised on. In her late teens her ex-boyfriend introduced her to the world of MMOs and her preference every since has been PC based games1, though she was introduced to the XBOX after meeting her husband but never really fell in love with it like she did the Nintendo, Sega, or Playstation.

While her preference for PC games tends to be the determining factor in games she will and will not play, she does occasionally play on the XBOX, though she mainly uses it as a video library2. She has no love for FPS games and her interests are geared mainly toward 3rd person, fantasy/RPG type games. In her spare time she is a full time Info Tech student, who has a unhealthy obsession with Doctor Who and shares a severe case of Video Game ADD with Whitters.

About Keeshia

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Keeshia is a 26 year old Hawai’ian mutt currently living in Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan with her much beloved sailor and fellow nerd. She works as a Public Affairs Tech but does everything from content writing and editing to web development to public speaking. She’s still working on her Bachelors while abroad and has plans of working in the gaming industry as well as ambitions to make a new online learning platform for all education levels.

Keeshia plays every kind of game from FPS to RPG to MOBA and was heavily into MUDs for over a decade – even reaching godhood/admin status on one of the most popular MUDs ever. Her favorites include Counter Strike Source, Command and Conquer Red Alert, Warhammer Online, and Total Annihilation Kingdoms. But she’s been having a serious love affair (it sounds better than addiction!) with League of Legends for the last few years and nothing has seemed to tear her away from it… yet.

About Nicole

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Nicole is a 24 year old girl living in the warm and tropical island of Puerto Rico. She is a Computer Science student and is battling to finish some math classes so she can get her degree. When she’s not studying, she’s the co-director for a mental health non-profit and a freelance web developer. The first time she got involved with video games was with the Sega Genesis console (Fun fact: the console was released the year she was born) and ever since then video games have been part of her life. After the Sega Genesis, she got her own PC when she was five years old and started playing mostly on PC (Remember Quake? Unreal Tournament?). It has been a fun journey ever since, filled with worlds she’s sad she’ll never visit and characters she would love to meet in real life.

She has always been impartial to genres or brands since she likes to try everything and not consider herself a “fangirl”. She plays everything from FPS, MMOs, Action/Fantasy to RPGs. Her most extensive gaming collection resides on her PC (thank Steam for that) but she also plays several games on consoles (X360, PS3) and handheld devices (Nintendo DS, PS Vita). Now, she’s currently working on reducing her extensive game backlog on Steam.

About Rochelle

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Rochelle is a 23 year old girl from somewhere in the world. She travels a lot so she calls both the United States and the Netherlands her home. She loves to travel, but finds it hard to leave her cat, Smokey behind. She’s currently in school for business administration, preparing to one day open her own restaurant.

She started playing games when she was young on a SNES. Over the years she switched from console games to PC games. Currently World of Warcraft and League of Legends have taken over her time, though she enjoys joining other MMOs to try them out. She’s currently murdering any alliance members that she can find and downloading TERA to explore a brave new world.

About Whitters

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Whitters is a fierce Dark Elf warrior haling from the province of Morrowind. She spends her days slaying dragons and returning stolen goods to the folks of Tamriel while nights are full of thievery and assassinations through employment with two of the worlds most notorious guilds. Her aspirations include matchless power, limitless wealth, and…

Oh, wait…this is the real world and not Skyrim, isn’t it? Oops…

In that case, Whitters is a 26 year old aspiring web applications developer living in Pittsburgh PA. She spends days biding her time in the world of retail and her nights bounding across the cyberscape as any number of characters from a Russian Monk to a Blood Elf Warlock to a Twi’lek Jedi. In addition to her severe case of Video Game ADD, Whitters also enjoys comic books, getting lost in the bowels of YouTube, Techno/Trance/Dubstep, and Doctor Who (lots and lots of Doctor Who).

  1. Blame it on having 4 sisters– sharing was the epitome of her life, PC based games make that difficult to do.
  2. Yay, Netflix!