GeekInside.Us was created after Angie and Whitters both failed at an attempt to create individual geek/tech blogs. Realizing that we simply did not have the content to truly drive individual geek/tech websites of our own, we figured two heads were better than one AND more were even better! Keeshia was brought into the fold because she is awesome1 but also because of her extensive background in gaming and technology, specifically MOBAs, an area which neither Whitters or Angie show very much interest in.

Our aim is to not only share our interests with others but also to learn from each other as well. Let’s face it, as geeks most of us have our niches. There are some things we will check out and other things we’ll avoid like the plague simply because “it’s not our thing”. This blog serves as a place to get some insight on topics we just may have no interest in for one reason or another. It will allow each of us to immerse ourselves in fields and interests without actually immersing ourselves in those topics.

Ultimately, we hope this blog will serve as a community and a haven for those who are also interested in games, electronics, coding, etc who may not necessarily know or have others who they can relate or talk to. We will also be open to guests post for those who may be interested in sharing their love of geekery and we are most certainly open to reviewing games, items, books, and more.

Geek Inside Us, exposing our inner geek, one blog post at a time!

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  1. No, really she is.